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Our mission

We create for our partners innovative,
efficient and investment attractive
business solutions in the field of graphic communications.

In short

The sphere of the firm’s activities includes solutions for professional production of products for printing.

Equipment for digital printing includes the following types:

  • Priming solutions for sheet and roll printing;
  • Digital offset printing: sheet, roll and B2 formats. Including one-color printing equipment, technologies for printing on different types of plastics and special substrates;
  • Post-printing equipment: binding, cover book production, folding etc. Also including equipment for UV-varnishing, lamination etc.;
  • Consumable materials: inks, primers, substrates etc.;

The branch of professional graphic arts was set up as NISSA’s division in 1995 and in 1999 it was restructured into firm NISSA Centre.

Regional Representations are now located in Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Ulyanovsk, Rostov-on-Don, Yekaterinburg and Novosibirsk. Foreign Branches include: NISSA Ukraine which is conducting activities in the Ukraine and Moldova, NISSA Eurasia located in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and operates in Uzbekistan. In Belarus operates NISSA Centre Moscow.

The leading worldwide producers collaborate with NISSA Centre on the basis of exclusiveness. It will be enough to mention the main suppliers for digital printing equipment.

Digital printing:

  • HP Indigo;
  • Canon;
  • Scodix.

Production automatization, web-to-print solutions for digital printing:

  • HP;
  • DigiLabs;
  • M-Photo;
  • B2C;
  • PixlPark;
  • PixFizz

We are also official distributors of post-printing equipment:

  • ABG;
  • KAMA
  • Karlville


At NISSA Centre we are concentrated on the technologically and conceptually innovative solutions for our clients and our focus is on the key activities where we occupy the leading positions. We do not operate in niche markets where we have no leading roles or positions.

Our mission is in many ways an integrated one, where the customer’s goals are viewed as a priority.

To ensure the most efficient ways of attaining them we offer to the enterprise the optimization procedures for the technological processes and for the set of required equipment. With this aim we use the strongest advantages of NISSA Centre: a broad and carefully selected product line, expertise in building printing systems of any level of complexity and integrating them into the existing production process. We assess the results of our work by the economic effect it yields to the customer and by the degree of trust he bestows upon us. We are really proud of the long-term cooperation between our customers who have become our partners and NISSA Centre.

The need for supporting the competitive advantage actually arises from the very nature of NISSA Centre‘s mission, which is the creation for partners of innovative, efficient and investment attractive business solutions. This goal can be attained by simultaneously using several methods.

Firstly, the on-going optimization of the product portfolio to meet the present and future requirements of our customers, obviously, it’s not feasible for any manufacturer to have a complete line of only the best products – some of them can be better than those of the competitors and some may not. In many cases, even the product line of a major producer might be incomplete. Our customers cannot afford a non-optimal choice, and NISSA Centre cannot afford approaching them with an offer of this type. We must offer only the absolute best products and services. Therefore, the wide product range of NISSA Centre is made up of closely intertwined products from many leading producers and suppliers in this field.

Secondly, unceasing investments into the company’s human resources, which are one of the basic assets of NISSA Centre is an ongoing process. NISSA Centre’s team of experts is distinguished by their high professionalism, their desire and ability to work with people, they are always abreast of the latest achievements in the world of machine-development for printing, they possess analytical skills for processing huge volumes of information, and have experience in handling diverse types of equipment.

Thirdly, and maybe the most important, is the constant attention to the partner and to the equipment NISSA Centre supplies. It implies, first of all, the warranty and post-warranty servicing of the equipment if the need were to arise, which ensures constant high productivity and trouble-free operation, consultancy and technical backing, as well as flexible leverage for modernizing by our partner’s fast developing businesses.


1992 – NISSA company is founded. The sphere of its activities is print on demand solutions.
1995 – NISSA starts to deal with professional offset printing, prepress and postpress equipment. Graphic Arts Department is established.
1996 – NISSA starts to sell offset digital printing equipment.
1999 – Graphic Arts Department is reorganized into NISSA Centre company.
2000 – Regional Representations network development is begun in Russia.
2002 – RR in Ukraine is established.
2003 – RR in Kazakhstan is established.
2008 – RR in Ulyanovsk is established.
2009 – NISSA Centre – the best distributor of the digital offset presses HP Indigo in EMEA area.
2013 – NISSA Centre opens demo center of HP Indigo in Moscow.
2014 - NISSA Centre is official distributor of postpress equipment KAMA, Karlville, also represents priming solutions C&J.

In the past 15 years the industry of professional printing in the post-Soviet territory has witnessed radical changes. Over these years NISSA Centre has been creating on the basis of technologies and equipment from the leading manufacturers of printing complexes which enable companies to grow fast and make a profit. NISSA Centre firmly holds leading positions in the field of digital printing of various types and state-of- the-art post-printing technologies. The dozens of projects carried out by our company have had a tangible effect on the overall development of Russian printing industry.


NISSA Centre, as a system-forming firm within the NISSA Group, is actively interacting with the other firms within the Group for solving the customers’ sophisticated complex tasks and goals. The sphere of NISSA Centre activities is solutions for professional production of printed products, which includes other firms within the NISSA Group. The sphere of activities for NISSA Mediaproject is newspaper and magazine print houses turnkey designing and equipping. For NISSA Digispace it is solutions for personalized data printing and the preparation for distribution. NISSA Distribution is active in the field of office print on demand solutions. NISSA Printpack presents the off-the-shelf solutions for producing all kinds of packaging. For NISSA Prizmix there are solutions for large format printing. NISSA Logistic offers innovative prepress eqyipment, consumable materials for a wide range of use in prepress.

The geographical area of NISSA Centre interests includes the ex-USSR republics, excluding Baltic countries. Today we are most active within Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Kirgizstan and Moldova. Our business geographical expansion is in according with the country economy size and it’s economy development level. We are not planning on the business expansion outside of ex-USSR republics.

One of the factors leading to success is the organizational structure of NISSA Centre. In all regions and countries where NISSA Centre is currently active, Regional Representations (RRs) have been set up with a high degree of autonomy. They are in charge of the sales and servicing, the managing of warehouses of consumables and spare parts, etc. All RRs (NISSA Centre Moscow, NISSA Centre Novosibirsk etc.) have the same authorization and can be compared to highly skilled experts of the company which at any time are available for the partner. RRs are located in Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Rostov, Ekaterinburg, Ulyanovsk and Novosibirsk. Foreign Branches: NISSA Ukraine is conducting activities within Ukraine and Moldova, NISSA Eurasia in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. In Belarus operates NISSA Centre Moscow.

Likewise, NISSA Centre Managing Company (MC) interacts with and supports each RR, and using the previous analogy this can be compared to the brain of the whole structure defining the uniform policies of the company. It’s a hub amassing the entire data on the market situation, achievements and deficiencies, demands and offers. Having analyzed and processed this flow of information, the experts of the management division develops solutions which can be shared with all RRs, thus giving them a competitive edge. Here on a permanent basis are conducted training courses and workshops for NISSA Centre’s RR specialists, including our servicing and maintenance engineers. They are the focal points for the solution for on the spot handling of the most complicated problems. Such a structure allows for the use with maximum effect the whole potential of the highly-skilled MC staff, and provides to all RRs, and through them to the customers a timely access to the resources of the firm.


Over all these years NISSA Centre has been developing at a faster rate than the market in general, its share and weight are constantly growing. NISSA Centre is one of the established market leaders in all major resources: product, human, financial and, most important, in long-standing partnership relations with its customers.

The goal of any sound business is making profit now and as long as possible in the future. NISSA Centre is focused on actively developing and shaping the future. The share of complex hybrid solutions in the firm’s business is constantly increasing. These solutions encompass digital technologies, hardware and software support, consulting, supply and follow-up. Our customers are competing with the leading world players and the challenges they are facing have far surpassed the national borders. In the long perspective the intensity of this competition will be only growing. NISSA Centre’s experts are working on the elaboration of these solutions now.

NISSA Centre actively takes part in the biggest exhibitions worldwide, organizes different conferences and seminars, regional meetings and trainings for supporting clients’ business, any kind marketing and advertisement programs for developing the industry of printing production.