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NISSA Centre team of experts is distinguished by their high professionalism, a desire and ability to work with all types of people, they are constantly abreast of the latest achievements in the world of machine development for printing, NISSA Centre’s experts possess the analytical skills for processing huge volumes of information, and have experience in handling diverse types of equipment.

NISSA Centre unceasing invests into the company’s human resources, which are one of the basic assets of NISSA Centre. We are supporting our employee’s personal growth and development. Most of NISSA Centre top managers have originated from the NISSA team.
Backbone principles of our cadre policy are mutual loyalty between the company and employee, and keeping a positive friendly working environment. As a rule, the new team members comes to the company on a personal recommendation basis, so aside of the common targets and goals, our team is bonded together with friendly relations. As result our team is very stable and strong, our employees tend to work and develop themselves for long period of time and rarely quit working with NISSA Centre.